Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taming those charging cables with a usb breakout board.

I'm sure there are those out there like me, that have a ton of usb charging cables. In my case theres my phone, my girlfriend's iphone, my tablet, her nook, and my camera. Thats 5 different devices using 3 different types of cables. On top of that the iphone wont respond to all usb chargers.It seems Apple will take every step to try and insure that you only use their chargers if your not using a computer.

So I put together a box that contains five usb sockets including one for the iphone. its a pretty easy thing to put together just paralleling the connection from one port to the other and attaching that to a usb cable.

Now the iphone port took a little more effort. With the iphone expect to see some voltage on the data lines of the usb port. So a couple of voltage dividers are required to trick the iphone into charging.
Heres the schematic:

Now we have all the ports we need. Everything is tucked in a nice wooden box that looks a whole lot better than a mess of wires.
I will write up the box build soon.

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