Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting android 2.3.3 on the cobe kyros 7015a

Getting this working on the device seemed to be alot bigger of a problem then I would of liked. After trying to follow the guide layed out here. I ended up formating the flash and not writting the new data. The nand patch file provided by the megaupload link at the bottom didnt match the internal nand found in my tablet. Knowing that if I powered off the device with an empty flash would leave me with a brick I did all I could to get this working until I found just the file I needed. The page is in chinese so I recommend using google to translate it. simply use the files in the Download as outlined in the tutorial above and it should work. DONOT use the megaupload link.

Another tip for those that had trouble. If your tablet enters fastboot mode after resetting, you can get it back into fwdn mode by holding down the home key and pressing the reset button.

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