Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here are the pics of the first one

Here are some pictures of the first model.

The Circuit is based on on the Headbanger amp project. Newer models will be based on the standard Cmoy style amp. Cmoy should be Superior in sound quality to the headbanger amp and has fewer parts. The reason I started with the headbanger amp was the availability of parts locally (read radio shack).

The exception to the switch in circuit design will be Mikes mini practice amp. This amp needs enough current to drive a speaker as well as headphones making the lm386 chip used in the head banger project a better choice due to its high current capability. The first part will be a preamp/distortion stage based on a lm741 op-amp chip. There will be two types of distortion, tube screamer and overdrive. this will lead into the final stage, a mono block head banger amp. Hopefully I can get all of it to fit in one altoids tin.


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