Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Completed my first cmoy amp.

Construction of the amp went well although I do have some complaints about the general performance of the amp. First off the amp needs two 9 volt batteries. second the amp distorts at higher volmunms. I understant these problems are related to the tl072 opamp that I had used. In the future I may try a transistor half bridge on the output of each channel to get better performance well maintaining the low cost. this opamp costs $.77 compared to 4-7 dollars for one of the recommended chips.

The sound quality is serperb at general listening volumns. bass is very responsive and tight and the highs are clear but not overpowering. Adding a voltage divider to the input really helped with the noise problems I had with the headbanger amp.  Overall a very good sound that is a little better that the headbanger amp.

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